The faculty and staff at South Fulton Elementary would like to welcome everyone to the 2018-2019 school year.  It is our hope that all of our students have a safe, productive, and enjoyable year.  The following guidelines have been established to promote the safety and welfare of all our students.


SCHOOL TIMES: Classes will begin at 7:40 and school will dismiss at 2:45.  Buses arrive at school around 7:20 and unload in front of the school.  Car riders are to be dropped off at the rear entrance. Students that arrive before 7:00 must reort tot he mroning ESP program, there will be a charge for this service. We will begin loading buses and dismissing car riders at 2:40.


PARENTS OR VISITORS: Parents are welcome to visit the school. All visitors coming to the school must report immediately to the office.  For the safety of our bus riders, please use the rear entrance when buses are loading or unloading.  At all other times please enter the school at the front doors.  Visits to the classroom should be scheduled in advance with the teacher and cleared through the office.


ABSENTEES:  Regular attendance at school is essential for academic success.  Parents are responsible under state law for their child’s attendance. If your child is absent, please call the school to let the school know by 9:30. If you would like homework for your child, plese ask at this time. Teachers need time to get assignements together to get to the office. We ask that you wait until 2:00 or later to pick up these assignments up. A note from the parent containing the child’s name, date of absence(s), reason for absence, and the signature of the parent is required upon the student’s return to school.  Up to five (5) absences during the school year without a doctor’s note will be excused (minor illness, personal business, etc.).  After that only a doctor’s note will be accepted to excuse any absence.  The doctor’s note must be received by the school within one (1) week of the child’s return to school.


TARDIES:  Any student arriving at his classroom after 7:40 will be considered tardy.  Once a child has accumulated five (5) tardiesin a semester, he/she will be required to attend Saturday School fpr each additional offense.


FIELD TRIPS: Written parental permission is required before any student will be allowed to go on a field trip. All homework assignments due that day should be turned in prior to leaving on the trip. School transportation will be provided. Students will be required to ride the provided transportation to and from the field trip destination.


TELEPHONE:  Make sure your child knows before they leave home in the morning how he/she will get home from school.  If there is a change from the normal routine please send a note to the teacher informing her of the new arrangements.  A student will not be allowed to ride a bus different from the one he has been assigned without a note from a parent.  Please do not call the school to change arrangements for your child getting home. For the safety of your child any changes must be made in person.


DISCIPLINE:  Every student has a right to learn and every teacher has a right to teach.  An orderly environment is essential for learning.  Therefore each teacher has established rules for his/her classroom.  These rules will be supported by the principal.


LUNCH:  Lunches are $1.85 per day and $9.25 per week.  Reduced lunches are $.40 per day or $2.00 per week.  Parents are encouraged to pay by the week to avoid lunch charges.  Only two charges are allowed at a time.  Students cannot charge for extra juice or milk which is $.60.  Carbonated beverages are not allowed in the cafeteria.  Please do not bring lunches from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc. to the cafeteria.  Visitor lunches are $3.00.  If possible please let the cafeteria know in advance that you are planning to attend so adequate preparations can be made.


BREAKFAST:  Breakfast is served daily at 7:20.  The price of breakfast is $1.00.  Reduced breakfast is $.30.  Students cannot charge breakfast.


SCHOOL CLOSINGS: At times during the school year, school may be cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather (snow, ice, fog, flooding, etc.)  If any of these conditions exist, tune your radio to one of the local stations for announcements regarding possible closings or delays.